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   The Most Popular Spoken Languages by preference in the World  
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Why Spanish in the world?

    Spanish became in recent times the second most popular language around the world, it's spoken as a native language by 392 million people and preferred as a second language for 300 million more people, as well as in the Organization of Union Nations, the European Union and other public national and international organizations as official language.  
                                     In the Unites States of America, as cited by the US Census Bureau (2013), the Hispanic population represented 17% of the total population: 54 million people with different origins, connected historically, and with significant cultural backgrounds, that gives the Hispanic culture a magical touch that makes it interesting to explore. The reason why is the first preferred foreign language learned in the school systems. 

Internationally Spanish is one of the most common used in public  transportation signs and labels, as well to translate books, research documents, and promote and deliver entertainment around the world. 

       Are you interested in learning Spanish as your second language?

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