World Languages 
World globalization, brings together people from all countries, who speak more than 6,500 languages. 
The Most Popular Spoken Languages by preference in the World  
       English - Spanish - French - Portuguese - German - Japanese - Chinese                                   
               Source: Encyclopedia Encarta 2006/ Languages of the world

                   Spanish in the world

CDEC-Camara de Estudios

  • Spanish is the second most popular language around the world, it's spoken as a native language by 392 million people and preferred as a second language for 300 million more. 
  • In the Unites States of America, as cited by the US Census Bureau (2013), the Hispanic population represented 17% of the total population: 54 million people with different origins, connected by their history and  cultural backgrounds, that gives the Hispanic community a magical touch that makes it interesting to explore.    
         Do you want to learn Spanish?
Learning Spanish is a great decision!! and it has been proven, that the best way to sharpen knowledge and master the language is by taking classes with a Spanish tutor,
Why CDEC Spanish tutors? 
"Success is a state of mind. If you want success, start 
by thinking of yourself as a success using Spanish as a second language"  
                                                  ― Joyce Brothers 

CDEC tutor teaching Spanish in the comfort of the student home    Our tutors are looking for the best teaching methods that fulfill the need of any personal learning style. 
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