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The Most Popular Spoken Languages In the World by preference are: 
                                               English - Spanish - French - Portuguese - German - Japanese - Chinese                                                                               Source: Encyclopedia Encarta / Languages of the world

The historic background of the Spanish language:

Initially, it emerges as a dialect derived of the Latin, a language spoken one century before Jesus Christ in Europe, Spanish started to consolidated as a language in the Iberian Peninsula after the fail of the Roman Empire in the fifth Century. Spain became in the center and development of the language, the fist linguist book and dictionary comes in the fourteen and fifteen Century AC.

In the sixteen century Spain beginning a process of expansion establishing colonies in the three Americas (North, central and South), part of the cost of Africa and several Island in the Pacific ocean. Spain imposed the use of Spanish or Castellano as official language. In the nineteen century Spain lost all it colonies and these became independent countries and Spanish was promulgated the official language in 21 countries and remained in others as a second language.

Currently, The Spanish language is the second preferred spoken language in the world. As a native or official language by 392 million and preferred as a second language for 300 million more around the world.  In the States of America, as cited by the US Census Bureau; the Hispanic population represented more than 17% of the total population, equivalent to more than 54 million people from different parts of the Hispanic world, connected by their history, and  cultural backgrounds givens to the Latino  and Spanish community a magical romantic language and background fascinating to learn and explore.

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                 Currently, students count with many homeschooling options. We work following textbooks accredited in private and public schools ¡ Qué Chevére! ¡En español! ¡Ven Conmigo! ¡En ! ¡Vista!... or preparing lesson plans and creating specially selecting handout to excel students knowledge, Tutor keeps a record of homework, chapter tests... and prepares exam and report to the parents. 

All classes are convenient because these are flexible on time and with the convenience that you could cancel your class 24 hours before and reschedule it without a surcharge or your prepayment. CDEC services are affordable for parents that could scheduled classes and sign up for a monthly payment plan with 0% interest, or buy hours of classes in advance with a 10% discount when you signed for 8 classes in a month. 

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The Spanish World

More of 300 million people using Spanish as a second lenguage.
                                   Source: Salem University, FL department. MA

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Barbara Mcville: "I thought that I never would be learning a second language, but I was wrong, my tutor was all the time giving me the emotional support and knowledge that just I needed to start to use Spanish with friends..." 

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