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Background of the Spanish language
Initially, it emerged as a dialect derived from the Latin, spoken in Europe one century before Jesus Christ. Spanish started as a language in the Iberian Peninsula and after the fall of the Roman Empire in the fifth Century, ending the Arab domination of Europe for more than 700 years. Spain, under the baton of the kingdom of Castile (the reconquest), became the center of development for the language, introducing the first Spanish linguistical book (A. Nebrija, 1492) and the first dictionary (Cobarubias, 1611), both treasures of the Castilian (Spanish) language. 
The changes occurred between the fourteenth and eighteenth centuries. Spain began a process of territorial and linguistic expansion, establishing colonies in the three Americas (North, Central South), parts of the coast of Africa and several islands in the Pacific Ocean. In each of the colonies and in Spain, Spanish or Castellano imposed as the official languages This decree caused the near disappearance of other languages and dialects that had been spoken for many centuries.
Map of the Spanish World
More of 300 million people using Spanish as a second lenguage.                                    Source: Salem University, FL department. MA

In the nineteen Spain lost all colonies. These colonies became independent countries where their native languages were almost non-existent. For this reason, Spanish had to be chosen and promulgated as the official language in 21 countries. And it remained as a second language in other countries which were under the influence of Spain in the past.
Currently, the Spanish language is the second-preferred spoken language in the world. As a native or official language, it is spoken by 392 million people and preferred as a second language for more than 300 million people around the world.  In the USA, as cited by the US Census Bureau, the Hispanic population represents more than 17% of the total population, equivalent to more than 54 million people from different parts of the Hispanic world - connected by their history and cultural backgrounds. The Latino and Spanish community possess a magical, romantic language and it is fascinating to learn and explore its background.

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