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 Reasons to start Learning Spanish!

  • Learning Spanish will be a great addition to your resume, that could be an asset to a growth-oriented company, or wage increases and why not, a better job!   

  • Spanish  language is spoken and preferred by more than 550 million people around the world.

  • Develop your listening, diction, writing and reading skills using Spanish as your second, open an endless worldwide of opportunities in social and intellectual fields.

  • In our cosmopolitan world, where people speak more of 6500 languages. Learn Spanish the second more preferred around the world is a plus for you and an important tool to expand your scope of communication.   

 Why CDEC - Spanish Tutors?

                           CDEC Spanish tutors are enthusiastic educators, with many years experience teaching Spanish, working as interpreters & translators to all audiences, including coaching entrepreneurs using Spanish in their business. CDEC tutors use method teaching that looks for any personal learning style, works within a students schedule, and in the comfort of their home, office, online classes or in a classroom.   
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