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 Using a second language in business promotes tolerance and appreciation for customers, employees and suppliers; who are working together often with different cultural backgrounds. So the fact of having an alternative language to communicate could mean a significant difference, especially in a cosmopolitan country like United State of America. 

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   Reasons to use Spanish in your business with us !

  • Expand your company's marketing using bilingual information and boost your business.
  • Communication with impact using bilingual content is an important key to explore new markets and increase business.
  • Develop strong customer-employee-manager relationships using Spanish as a second language.
  • Expand your domestic and global market to a potential 40 million Spanish speakers in the domestic market and more than 600 millions around the world that use and prefer Spanish as a second language. 

 Why Entrepreneurs Would Prefer To Use Spanish? 

   1.  Because it is the second most popular language in the world.
    2.  Receiving information in the target language gives customers a special feeling of trust, familiarity, popularity,            naturalness and simplicity of treatment. 
    3.  Companies using Spanish as a second language welcome friendship in their companies.
    4.  Attain knowledge about the Spanish community and its diverse cultural background, beyond the language                  mechanics, as a means of communicating and get a greater access to the target community.

CDEC helps the entrepreneurs to plan and design a manageable business plan with this purpose; train personnel and prepare bilingual materials like labels, pamphlets, documents, events ... 

CDEC helps companies to avoid easy mistakes, that many times ruin a business using a second language.

CDEC offers professional services of interpreting and translating to the community and businesses giving all the support necessary to establish good bilingual lines of communication using Spanish and English.

CDEC is collaborating every day to make communication easy for companies dealing with diversity, and expand domestic or global markets. 

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