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You are investing in yourself! and CDEC has the best deal for your money.  You receive the tools, tips,  and support to master the Spanish language in a short time.  If you are not registered for your classes yet, please click here to Register.
Instructions to pay your classes here:
Home tutoring just   $40.00 (regular hourly rate)        
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Receive a $10 discount when you register for your two hour session tutoring classes at home! That is only $35 each hour!!  
Students registered with us could add another student to their classes, just for $10 more per student. Everyone will receive classes on their own level and keep their own records.

If you prefer to receive classes by the internet with the same individual attention this are available just pay for your classes an communicate with us to schedule your next class!

How Do I Pay for My Classes?

Very simple, set up your class with the tutor and pay before start your class, the tutor will give you a receipt of payment, however if you prefer pay using the Paypal services, simply click "add to the cart"...   
Tutorial classes at home,...
Hourly rate
Price: $40.00
Online classes face to face
Hourly rate
Price: $35.00
              Face to face classes with a native speaking Spanish tutor! 
                         All students receive free online support!

Online Beginner tutorial classes!! FREE!!       
Learn Spanish fundamental, words  and phrases to start a conversation with our beginners tutorial (valued $ 50.00), This class give you the opportunity to be familiar with the target language and start to use it as your second language!!! click here to register 

800205zUIYW    ¡Gracias por su preferencia!

For start your journey to study Spanish as your second language with us!!     
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