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CDEC tutor working face to face with a student
The tutor utilizes the Spanish language 95% of the time. However, English language will be used when it will be needed, for example to explain linguistics concepts, games... with the desire to ensure and accelerate the students learning process.  

In the last instance, the use of the native language will be conditioned on the students progress, Spanish level of knowledge and prefered teaching style for the student. The motivation for making these adjustments is to help the student feel more comfortable learning and developing the skills necessary to communicate using the target language.

In this process, the tutor progressively works with the student's intonation, use of vocabulary and grammar concepts in context, enhancing thinking skills and gradually reducing the gaps of communication.
The Basic Lessons:
  CDEC tutors follow the National Standards for Foreign Language Instruction to decide what students need to know first and to give answers to their questions: What? How? When? and Why?, also using as framework the 5 Cs of the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL) to design and select activities to develop in class that challenge and motivate students to work with topics that deal with experiences of daily life:                                                                                                                                         
The Basic learning standards                          Communication
         Cultures                      Connections 
     Comparisons                 Communities 
  • The begining classes start by sounding the alphabet, the vowels and syllables to make students able to read, write and use vocabulary and popular expressions to begin communicating in Spanish. 

  • Next, topics of discussions are selected using expressions that build confidence to communicate feeling, emotions and give opinions using the target language, as well learning about cross-cultural connections, comparisons that contribute to show tolerance and appreciation to people from different communities and backgrounds living in the same society. 

  • The Tutor uses various teaching materials to intensify the practice of vocabulary by topics, and students incorporate these words as they continue advancing in their classes. These materials are also used as learning tasks to reinforce their learning process, and lead them to success developing understanding. In other words, the students work with the acquired Spanish knowledge, and the ability to understand, control, and manipulate their own cognitive processes, with self-evaluation upon task completion and oral use of the language guide students in What to say? in a basic conversation.
  • Between lessons the tutor will introduce the students to the parts of Spanish speech, and use of the basic grammar building blocks to apply these concepts in context. 

Advanced Classes:
  • These classes intensify and expand the student's learning process from the basic vocabulary, grammar and popular expressions to work with more advanced Spanish materials to accelerate fluent reading, writing and oral communication.
  • Student's and their tutor develop different topics with the purpose to polish intonation, decoding printing and sounding words, and review the appropriate use of Spanish grammar rules and mechanics of the language to enrich communication skills.
  • The objective of these classes is to help students to continue to develop communication, verbal and nonverbal effectiveness, and expand thinking skills, summarizing, and master the use of the Spanish language. 
  • At this level many times students could choose the topics they want to master using the target language like school subjects, politics, culture, tourism, history, medicine, economics, business . . . to be familiar with the jargon, expressions and materials.
Students and tutors work as a team, with the goal to increase the students Spanish knowledge and communication skills. The tutor will be teaching through examples, storytelling, discussions, reading, games, videos, Powerpoint presentations, 

Educational Certifications: After an average 16 hours taking classes, students could be asked to receive a certificate of achievement from CDEC that can be added to their Resume.
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