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learning Spanish as a second language; as well as expand your business and the communication within your company keeping employees of different nationalities and backgrounds is a great decision. 
     It has been proven, that the best way to sharpen the knowledge and master a language, it is by taking classes with a tutor, as well as making approach to expand business to a cosmopolitan community is using simultaneously a second language and counting with the support of one native professional with  several years of experience as instructors, trainer, tutors, interprets & translators, also with the academic background  and experience in business development, market planning, international commerce and business and economic research.
       Joyce Brothers famous American psychologist (1927- May 2013) wrote:
 "Success is a state of mind. If you want success, start by thinking
       of yourself as a success." 
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   So set your goal high using Spanish as a second language to communicate with friends, expanding your business and professional activity to the Spanish communities around the world; we
                     will be helping you to reach that goal !!                                                      
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Todas las páginas en inglés ofrecen la alternativa de ser traducidas al español. 

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