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                                                "Special of the month"
New students received $10 discount when registered for two hours of tutoring classes!! 

 "A tutor provides expertise, experience, and encouragement to learn. This is your opportunity to have one tutor to guide you to increase your knowledge using Spanish as a second language!!”
 It is never too  late
 to learn a second                            language!                      
We will give you the tools, tips and knowledge to learn quickly to use Spanish as your second language.
   Start your journey to become bilingual today, 
register and set up your tentative schedule of classes!   

                                        See you soon in class!!...

Read what students have to say:

  • My friends and I decided to learn Spanish with CDECamera de online. We are learning and having fun as well!   
          Ms. Sue Paul,, 
          Guysville, OH
  • Great tutor!
             "Ricardo keeps a very flexible schedule with us. He helped to understand                          some grammar concepts that was giving us problems."      
  •  Mr. Shawn & Mrs. Deborah McGuire. Acworth, GA
  • Terry Logan, Mableton, GA. I have been extremely impressed with the tutoring that I have used  through  CDEC-Spanish tutors. The service received was very  professional,  and the    hourly rates very reasonable too.  I can not say  enough good  things about  CDEC. My daughter is an AP Spanish  student and received the academic  support necessary to be very  successful in her school classes.
                         Learning Spanish is easy with CDEC- Spanish Tutors  
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"The intelligent man is one who has successfully
 fulfilled many accomplishments, and is yet willing to learn more.” 

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