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CDEC Careers
We are looking for professionals interested in working as an associate to CDEC, and be part of our team of tutors and business consultants when your services are needed. 
You will be contributing in your area of expertise and background with entrepreneurs and members of our society interested in using Spanish as a second language. As business consultants, we will helping them increase their communication in the global market doing research studies, participating in international commerce operations or simply collaborating to expand their domestic market.

When you send your resume let us know about your economic expectations, time availability and travel preference.    
CDEC is looking to cover the following positions:
  • Spanish Tutor, beginners or with experience teaching all age students.
  • Interpreter & translator, beginners or with experience and references.
  • Spanish/English GED exam tutors in school academic subjects with a preference for Mathematics, Language Arts, Writing, Social Studies and Science.   
  • Business and market Researchers.
  • Business Analysts (IT), beginners or with experience and references. 
  • Financial Analyst, beginners or with experience and references.
  • People with experience in international commerce.
Minimum Requirements:

1.  A degree obtained from a prestigious college, university (National or International) or work experience in any one of the areas mentioned.             
2. Be eligible to work in the United States and never convicted of        a felony.

If you are interested in working as an associate with us and be payed when your services will be requested, please send your resume to : 
  Thank you!