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We want to contribute to preparing people to become bilingual using Spanish as a second language.  At the same time, we want to be part of the journey of Hispanic people trying to build a better destiny for themselves and their families, offering classes subject by subject to the GED examination. upon obtaining this goal, our students have better opportunities for success, and consequently, contribute to the success of a society.

We endeavor to collaborate with all industries interested in using Spanish as a second language. Bilingual communications are a way to attract attention and garner the appreciation of Hispanic customers, employees suppliers, helping their business gain a special place in the Hispanic community. With such a large Spanish-speaking population from various countries around the world, which bring with them their diverse backgrounds, culture intellect, we can all work together to contribute to the development of the country. 

Ricardo Giraldo
General Director 
Master in Art of Education & MBA in Business Economics
Telephone: (678) 257-7271 
Mon - Fri: 9AM - 5PM