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                    "All individuals have different learning styles, and for that reason in their eagerness to master a second language, they have tried great resources available on the market, like computer language programs, flashcards, textbooks, private lessons, total immersion and more. Some of these individuals found their way to learn a second language and continue until they master it. 

"Tutors are the best-proven way to learn and  master a foreign language rapidly."

                  We as tutors want to guide our students helping them to excel their knowledge in harmony with their surroundings and limitations. We want to be part of our  journey:
  • Learning Spanish as a second language until they become bilingual. 
  • Preparing Hispanic students to obtain the GED diploma subject by subject
  • Promoting Spanish in business as a second language expanding the 
            We are pleased, that you decided to visit our website today!!!

You have the motivation to learn and we as educators, want to welcome you and promise to give you all the support you need to reach your goal of becoming bilingual.

Our Instructors, teach with the vision to become more effective Spanish tutors every day to make the students learning experience, more successful and enjoyable. Our tutors are preparing their lessons, incorporating activities that match the students learning styles, giving to them the tips to start to use Spanish rapidly as their second language.
THANK YOU for visiting CDEC- Camara de Estudios, Spanish tutors! and please feel free to Contact Us. We will respond to you as soon as possible, without any compromise, simply to inform you and learn about your concerns and experiences learning a second language. 

If you are interested in our services, we will be glad to teach and assist you to reach your goal of being a bilingual person. If you decide to take more time before you start having tutoring classes, we will be here, ready for you, when you feel that is your moment to start; in the meantime, the kindest compliment, you can give to us, is to keep CDEC - Camara de Estudios as an alternative to learning a second language and your referrals.  


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Master in Art of Education & MBA in Business Economics
Executive Director at CDEC- Chamber of Studies & Business Connections

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