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                    "All individuals have different learning styles, and for that reason in their eagerness to master a second language, they have tried great resources available on the market, like computer language programs, flashcards, textbooks, tutors, total immersion and more. With these sources, many people found a way start to explore and learn a second language, however, 90% of these people at the end of this first stage on their journey to master second language concluded:

"Tutors were and they are the best-proven way to learn and accelerate their knowledge in order to master a foreign language."

                  We as tutors offer to our students a guide to excel their Knowledge, and having a way to achieve their goal of become bilingual. We provide them with all the support cultural and academic necessaries to excel their knowledge in harmony with their surroundings and limitations.

We like to be part of your journey learning Spanish as a second language, walking by your side given you in each lesson a linguistic and cultural capsule, that provide you with the know-how necessary theoretical and practical step by step to master the target language.
Also, we want to contribute to preparing Hispanic people, subject by subject to obtain the GED diploma passing the GED examination, thus they could obtain a better opportunity to contribute and success into the  community.

We want to collaborate with all business industries, interested in using Spanish as a second language, as an attractive way to promotes attention and appreciation to Hispanic customers, workers and suppliers with t-shirts, flyers, list of products, posters, guarantees, adv. for special sells... in Spanish.  Bilingualism make a big impression and make business gain a special connotation in our community with a large population that harbors people from many countries that using Spanish as a first or second language and working together.

Ricardo Giraldo
General Director 
Master in Art of Education & MBA in Business Economics
Telephone: (678) 257-7271 ( if nobody answer, it is because we are
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