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                    "All individuals have different learning styles, and for that reason in their eagerness to master a second language, they have tried great resources available on the market, like computer language programs, flashcards, textbooks, total immersion and more. With these sources, many people found a way start to explore and learn a second language, however, 

"Tutors are the best-proven way to learn and  master a foreign language rapidly."

                  We as tutors want to guide our students, helping them with the support and tools necessaries to excel their knowledge in harmony with their surroundings and limitations. 
  • We want to be part of their journey learning Spanish as a second language 
         given them the lesson, the advice, the cultural capsule, the know-how
         necessary linguistic tools and the practice to master the target language. 
  • We want to contribute to preparing Hispanic students to obtain the GED diploma subject by subject to gain a better opportunity to success into the community.
  • We want to collaborate with the small business using Spanish as a second language, an attractive way to promotes attention and appreciation to customers, and suppliers mays thought t-shirts, flyers, list of products, posters, guarantees, special sells... It's a way of a little thank you making a big impression gaining a business a special connotation in our community with a large population that harbors people from many Hispanic countries with a similar cultural background, using Spanish and colloquial languages and working together.  

                Ricardo Giraldo
               Master in Art of Education & MBA in Business Economics
Telephone/Text (678) 257-7271
Mon - Fri: 9AM - 5PM