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    We wish you a pretty Christmas and a happy New Year 2018 and welcome you to start tutoring classes with us!!
Learn Spanish as your second language                     ...Your success Starts Here!!               
     Communication using a Foreign language no only means, the transfer of words meaning from one language to another. It goes beyond learned the mechanic of a language and speak like a native speaker. Communication is as well understand his culture, zests, gestures and gain a complete appreciation of each one in the whole meaning of this thought. 
Learn a second language is a great decision, you have the motivation and a clear vision of how you will be using this knowledge in the future; may graduate, travel, expand your business, improve a relationship... many reasons, that impulse you start this journey. We s, want to congratulate and say thank you for visiting our website. We could offer you, services as Spanish tutor giving you all the academic and cultural support needed to excel your knowledge using Spanish as your second language.

teaching in Atlanta for more than four years, sending Spanish educators to where is more convenient for our students (homes, a library, an office...) knowledge and the practices necessary to consolidate and excel their skills using Spanish as a second language in each lesson. 

We have had the opportunity to give academic support to students at public schools, vocational schools, professionals, and people in general of all ages, interested in learning Spanish as a second language.

Also, we are teaching GED exam in Spanish, collaborating to excel their grammar level, reading and writing skills, as well to review each one of the other subject literature; mathematics... to be examined in this exam to obtain a High School diploma.  

As educators, we enjoy working as a private Spanish tutor with students of all ages; and beyond of this supporting business professionals to incorporate Spanish into their Business, and in addition making translations, training, bilingual pamphlets and participating on their bilingual market projects.
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   ¡El  examen GED!
Su inquietud por aprobar el examen GED, por romper todas las cadenas que lo atan e impiden que usted pueda alcanzar una oportunidad para  crearse un nuevo destino en este país. ¡También, es nuestra inquietud!
Por esta razón, CDEC ofrece tutorías y libros electrónicos, preparados especialmente para usted con el objetivo de  ayudarlo a obtener un HS diploma equivalente y continuar estudios superiores u obtener mejores puestos de trabajo. Reciba más información seleccionando los enlaces GED a la izquierda.  

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